Maryam Zeineddin Inc., BSc, MD, CCFP

Ambleside Medical Centre

250 16th Street, West Vancovuer, BC V7V 3R5

January 4, 2016

I just wanted to wish all my patients a Happy New year and a year filled with good health and

happiness. Thank you for all your happy holiday wishes and showering all of us with such love.

This year I have a new year’s resolution to be more on time for my patient’s appointments and to

decrease the wait time and the anxiety provoking feeling of having to wait to see your Doctor

and the anxiety of running late on my end. These are some of the ways you can help:

1.  If you feel you may need more than 10 minutes for your appointment, please consult with our staff prior to booking your appointment to see how to best improve your experience and to receive a fantastic quality of care.

(For example: if you have more than a couple of concerns to address, please let staff

know to book you other appointments so that we can spend enough time discussing the

problem at hand rather than doing it in a rushed manner). We are also in the process of

implementing private preventative health counselling sessions for patient who would be

interested in this service.

2.  Please don’t wait till last minute to book your appointment. We always have emergency

spots available for patients with illnesses that need to be seen on the same day but if you

are booking for refills/pap smears/well baby checkups etc. please give enough time in

advance for a suitable appointment.

3.  If you are seeing any other health care professionals including Private Clinics,

Naturopathic Doctors, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists etc., and you would like to

integrate your health and healing, please ask them to provide a consult letter and/or a

quick note on their diagnosis, investigations and treatment thus far to improve the quality

of your health.

4.  Please come prepared: if you know you have to get examined, please remove your jacket

and/or advise my staff to give you the appropriate gown for the examination.


If you have any other suggestions or concerns, please feel free to address them and thank you in advance for your patience, help and support.


Dr Maryam Zeineddin