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'Covid-19 Symptoms, Testing & Return to School'

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Which COVID-19 vaccine is better? (spoiler, they’re all good)

April 2, 2021

Dr. Samir Gupta explains how the four COVID-19 vaccines now approved in Canada work and why efficacy rates aren’t the most important number to look at.


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Family Doctors are as frazzled & frustrated as their patients through the Covid-19 pandemic.

October 7, 2020  By Pamela Fayerman

Family medicine is in a state of crisis, exacerbated by the pandemic which, eight months in, has totally disrupted primary care physicians’ ability to provide face-to-face, quality care.

Things are so bad that while governments are urging everyone to get a flu shot to avoid a “twindemic” many doctors and their patients are confused about where to get vaccinated, just days away from the time when people typically start getting them.

At a visit to my own doctor’s office last month (for a shingles vaccination by the clinic nurse) I was told that I would have to make alternate arrangements if I wanted a flu shot. Then I heard rumblings about drive-through flu clinics, maybe even in the same parking lots where COVID-tests are offered by health regions. But I heard today from the ministry of health that drive-through vaccination centres are not being contemplated in B.C. even though they are happening in other parts of the country.

Instead, flu shot appointments, according to the B.C. government, can be made at “clinics, schools, large municipal spaces, and pharmacies where physical distancing and other public health measures can be maintained, and where individuals can be observed after their shot for the standard 15 minute monitoring period.”

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Covid Times and How to Care for Yourself.

Having these items on hand might help if you catch COVID-19.

It's always good to be prepared with some key items in the home in case you wake up with a cough or any other COVID-19 symptoms and have to self-isolate.


How should you take care of yourself if you test positive for COVID-19?

January 17, 2022  |  CBCLISTEN

The Early Edition with Stephen Quinn + Dr. Maryam Zeinnedin with Zili CARE


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